DJ Tira on his plans for Fact Durban Rocks

Johannesburg- Fact Durban Rocks is one of the most popular events that takes place in Durban, and DJ Tira has different plans for this year.

Speaking to Sunday World DJ Tira said he is currently planning the event.

With Covid-19 Fact Durban Rocks didn’t happen the way it usually does and this year Tira says he is hopeful that things will go the way he wishes they could.

“I’m staying positive and I am planning on having around 2 000 people at the event because of the Covid-19 regulations. So that automatically means the entire concept is going to be different, we won’t be having three stages that we usually have.”

“I’m not sure with the level that we’re on right now whether Covid-19 cases will get better or worse, but I’m staying positive. Should anything change then we will have to take it back to virtual.”

Tira also shared that he cannot finalise right now whether the event will go past midnight because of the curfew.

“If I do pre-production then I can present something on Tv that’s going to go over midnight like I did last year. But the plan is to have 2000 people and also for the event to be live.”

“Everything is still under preps and at the moment I’m still finalizing a few things here and there, and yes the event will be way different. You can imagine downgrading from 20000 to 2000 people.”

DJ Tira also shared that he will be collaborating with Zakes Bantwini to put together the Fact Durban Rocks event.

“I think Zakes Bantwini is the man of the moment right now, he’s got really good music and with his album dropping soon, I certainly believe he’s the right man to take us into 2022.”

Tira also shared that he is trying to put together a competition where winners will have the opportunity to fly in a private jet with Zakes Bantwini, to come to celebrate the new years eve party in Durban.

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