Duduzane Zuma set to launch his political party

Duduzane Zuma is keeping his presidential aspirations alive in the wake of his father, Jacob Zuma. He has announced that he won’t be canvassing nor voting for the ANC in the general election in May. 

Speaking to Sunday World this week Zuma, also known as DZ, said his own political party will be launched later in January. He added that its name will be made public in due course.

“My plans for going to the election include a new, realistic vision. An inclusive narrative. Society-driven solutions that are current, new-age, and driven by people who are affected by and understand today’s issues. Broadly put, messaging and activities that will lead to a drastic mindset change are the basis for fundamental and structural change,” he said.

Duduzane says the electoral system, even though it is based on democratic values, is not a true reflection of what one man or woman, one vote, should be. 
“We have seen over a period of time how the will of the voting majority has not translated into the benefit of our people. [This is] due to subversion by both political and business leaders,” Duduzane alluded.

Youth to the rescue

The presidential candidate says the youth themselves are to blame for the current lack of progress. He continues: “We do not take ourselves seriously enough. We have lost respect for each other and are ill-disciplined. Once we realise that we can do it, once we learn to respect ourselves and others, and once we stop making excuses. [Once we stop to] keep blaming everyone and everything, then we will turn our country’s fortunes. And our own in a positive direction. Entitlement is a curse that is keeping us from progressing, and the spirit of hard, hands-on work is the only way forward.”

I am part of something new
When asked if he is not part of former president Jacob Zuma’s MK Party, Duduzane said: “I am part of something new, something game-changing, something current. [It will be] something never seen before, something realistic, and inclusive that is on its way very soon.”
He says his party plans to make sure that the desperate need for change in our country is realised.

“We will move from the politics of desperation to the politics of inspiration. This we will do by creating positive and active role models. [We will also] give access to finance for those who are serious enough to take advantage of the opportunities that we will create. We are the ones who will do it. A change of mindset from a consumer mentality to a producing one. Building South Africa and Africa one brick at a time.”

ANC decided to leave me
On the reasons why he decided to leave the ANC, Duduzane simply said: “The ANC decided to leave me.”
He has an ever-growing popularity among the youth. On whether his party will be seeking to attract older people as well or mainly the youth, he said: “This is a party for all. Young, old, black, white, coloured, Indian, male, female, all religions. All cultures and traditions, naturalised ID-carrying former immigrants and those that understand our need for change. This movement will without a doubt be driven by the youth, which is non-negotiable.”
Earlier on Saturday, former president Jacob Zuma addressed a mass meeting at Kempville Stadium in Piet Retief, Mpumalanga. 

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