EFF welcomes chance to oust ‘corrupt’ ANC government

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) issued a statement on Tuesday night to welcome the “long overdue” election date.

On Tuesday evening, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced May 29 as the date for the 2024 provincial and national elections.

“These elections mark an opportunity for all South Africans to put an end to the misery

we have suffered as a nation, under the incompetent, corrupt and misguided

governance of the ruling party the ANC, for 30-years,” says EFF in its statement.

“The 29th of May 2024, officially marks an opportunity for our nation to achieve true freedom… Economic Freedom.

All we have known is poverty

“The EFF wishes to remind our people that under the rule of the ANC, all we have

known is poverty, landlessness, unemployment, economic despair and over the past

decade and a half, darkness in the form of load-shedding.”

The 10-year-old party continued to slam the ANC government in its statement.

“It is under the governance of those who rule us today, that more than 11 million people are unemployed. It is under this government, that our railways, our ports and our ability to generate a reliable and dependable supply of electricity has all but collapsed, and our nation is in trillions of debt to the West. Under the current regime, crime has spiralled out of control, violence against women and children has skyrocketed, and corruption has risen and has been rewarded by positions in cabinet and even in the Presidency.” 

By contrast, President Ramaphosa sees the election date as the “celebration of our democracy”.

“Beyond the fulfilment of our constitutional obligation, these upcoming elections are also a celebration of our democratic journey and a determination of the future that we all desire.

“I call on all South Africans to exercise their democratic right to vote and for those who will be campaigning to do so peacefully, within the full observance of the law. We also urge unregistered voters to use the online registration platform to register,” Ramaphosa said.

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