Fleurs tried to fight off hijackers before being shot

“No, malome, you cannot do this.” 

These were the words of slain Kaizer Chiefs defender Luke Fleurs before he was shot and killed by two armed men at the Shell petrol station at Constantia service centre in Florida, Roodepoort, Johannesburg, on Wednesday night. 

 Police said the incident happened around 8:30pm on the corner of Hendrik Potgieter and 14th Avenue. 

Petrol station video footage

 According to a source who spoke to Sunday World on condition of anonymity, on Thursday, Gauteng police downloaded the video footage of the incident from the petrol station.

The footage depicts Fleurs engaging in a fierce battle with the two armed men to stop them from stealing his luxurious red VW Golf 8 GTI.

 But it was all in vain, as they fatally shot him at close range in the upper body. 

 The source, who saw the footage, cannot be named because he is not allowed to speak to the media. 

 Narrating the story, the source said Fleurs was driving his vehicle towards the petrol station on Wednesday night with two other passengers. 

Four people in a white BMW 1 Series

 The deep throat said four people travelling in a white BMW 1 Series followed Fleurs as he drove into the petrol station. 

 “They [four people in BMW] first drove past the petrol station but drove back into the station and parked next to his car.”

The source said the footage shows four people wearing balaclavas and caps sitting in the Beemer (BMW). He said that after a while, two people got out of the BMW, while two others remained in the car. 

 “They went to the VW Golf and opened the rear doors. Two young boys in Fleurs’ car got out of the vehicle and ran towards the back of the petrol station to hide. They then pulled Fleurs out of his vehicle, and he ran towards the petrol station shop.

Tried to fight off hijackers

“The two hijackers got into his car, and as they were about to drive off with Fleurs’ car, he ran towards it and fought those hijackers. He ran to his car, grabbed the door, and tried to remove the hijacker, who was in the driver’s seat. He fought them and tried to drive his car, almost knocking into the petrol station’s walls. During the scuffle, Fleurs yelled, ‘No malome, you cannot do this,’ to the hijacker in the driver’s seat. They overpowered him, and one of them shot him at close range in the left side of his chest.”

The footie, who was wearing a red T-shirt, fell to the ground, and the hijackers drove away in his car. Fleurs was rushed to the local hospital, where he was later declared dead.

 When asked about the video footage and latest developments in the case, Gauteng police spokesperson Lt-Col Mavela Masondo said police “cannot divulge more information on this case because that might compromise our investigation”.

 Masondo said police had opened a case of murder and car hijacking for investigation, and that no arrests had been made.

Petrol station can’t comment

 Shell Downstream South Africa spokesperson Pam Ntaka said they would not comment on the details.

“We can confirm that we have shared the information that the police have requested from us. There is a police investigation going on. Therefore we are not at liberty to disclose any of the information…

“We remain committed to working with the authorities and supporting their investigation. But we want to respect the privacy of the family and we do not want to jeopardise the police investigation. Unfortunately, we are not at liberty to share any of the information regarding the incident of last night [Wednesday],” said Ntaka. 

No other person injured 

 Ntaka said there were four petrol attendants. One cashier, and one staff member stationed at the back of the petrol station when the incident happened. 

 She stated that none of them sustained injuries.

 Ntaka said the occupants who were in Fleurs’ car were also not injured.

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