Insurance scam murder: bail application postponed to Monday

The case against alleged insurance scam murderer, Agnes Segomotsi Setshwantsho, returned to the Molopo magistrate’s court in Mahikeng on Friday, where closing arguments were heard for her bail application. 

The court postponed the case to January 15 for the state to prepare its response to the defence’s new evidence. The defence submitted its new evidence in its closing arguments.

Testimony from clinical nurse

According to the National Prosecuting Authority’s Henry Mamothame, on Thursday the court heard testimony from a clinical nurse. The nurse, from the correctional services department, testified on key factors around the facility where the accused is held.

Her testimony was to prove that the facility is conducive for a person who has a medical condition.

She said that among some of the things, there is a fridge to keep medication at the required temperature.

She further mentioned that a doctor will visit the facility once a week for consultation. It was also indicated that Setshwantsho’s condition has improved. Her doctor has even altered her prescription as a result.

Death threats under investigation

The prescription was in relation to a condition linked to the alleged death threats by Setshwantsho. The Hawks are still investigating the matter. 

Setshwantsho is facing a charge of murder, two charges of fraud and one charge of defeating the ends of justice. According to the South African Police (SAPS), an intelligence operation led to the arrest of the accused on November 16 2023. 

The arrest was on suspicion that she murdered her relatives to benefit from insurance claims. The suspect was traced and arrested in Centurion, Gauteng, during a takedown operation.

The operation was led by the SAPS in collaboration and full co-operation of an insurance company.

Over 40 extended family members’ lives insured by accused

She is alleged to have taken out life insurance policies on over 40 members of her extended family.

She allegedly murdered her relatives to receive insurance payouts.

Police initiated another investigation after one witness claimed she received death threats from the accused.

Suspect in husband, daughters and son’s deaths

Setshwantsho is also a prime suspect in the death of her son.

Police are also investigating the mysterious deaths of her husband and two daughters.

She remains in custody.

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