Malema rants against Ruperts, Oppenheimers

EFF president Julius Malema has called for unity between African and coloured communities in the Western Cape, saying it is critical because the DA thrives on this division.

Malema who was in the DA-run province to garner support ahead of the May 29 elections, further launched a tirade against billionaire business mogul Johann Rupert and the rich white Stellenbosch elite, saying they continue to be chief enemies of the former oppressed masses.

Speaking to community members at an election meeting in Khayamandi in the Stellenbosch Local Municipality, Malema said Africans and coloureds were all survivors of oppression under the former apartheid regime. “Therefore, there is no need to see each other as enemies. We have one common enemy, and that enemy is Rupert, who owns all of South Africa. This is Rupert, with whom we must have a problem, Rupert and his family own everything in South Africa,” Malema said.

“The toothpaste that you used this morning comes from Rupert,” charged Malema. “There is no single one of us who arrived here today without using something that belongs to the Ruperts. How can one family own everything? How can one family control the lives of everyone?”

He said Rupert was so powerful that during the recent Rugby World Cup, the ANC government stopped loadshedding and kept the lights on so that he could watch the tournament. “Immediately after they lifted the cup we were hit with stage six loadshedding,” he said.

Malema also tore into the IFP, saying the party belonged to Stellenbosch’s Oppenheimer family, which donated R20-million to the organisation as disclosed by the Independent Electoral Commission on Friday. “The Oppenheimers also gave the DA millions.

“The DA and the IFP are the same. They are owned by the Ruperts and the Oppenheimers. They do not represent any of our people except the interests of the establishment”.

Next on Malema’s firing line was the new party, Change Now, which he accused of securing R35-million in donations and then closing shop.

“The party is not even on the ballot paper but they pocketed R35-million. You can see very clearly that this is money laundering.

“They knew that they were not going to contest elections. They robbed people of money, and that must be a punishable offence because you take money and say you are going to stand for elections, but all of a sudden you are not on the ballot paper,” Malema said.

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