Malema won’t set foot in Moses Mabhida Stadium – warns Ngizwe

Former Ukhozi FM presenter Ngizwe Mchunu has launched another attack on EFF leader Julius Malema.

Addressing media at Mai Mai in Joburg on Tuesday afternoon, Mchunu warned Malema from setting his foot at Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban. The EFF is scheduled to launch its election manifesto on February 10 2024.

Mchunu said Malema will only stage the rally in the KZN venue if Mchunu was no longer around.
Change the venue

“Change the venue mfana (boy). Uyongena ngifile (you’ll access the stadium when I’m dead),” said Mchunu, crossing his fingers.

However the press conference ended without Mchunu elaborating what he means he has in store to stop Malema.

He accused Malema of literally soiling his plate of food while he was eating.

He was referring to the decision by JAC Motors in Port Shepstone to end his vehicle sponsorship deal following pressure from the EFF which accused him of perpetrating tribalism.

In the video, Mchunu can be heard saying KwaZulu-Natal is for AmaZulu. He added that Malema must launch the party manifesto in Limpopo, where the EFF hails from.

Launch manifesto in Limpopo

“Why don’t you host your party’s manifesto in your backyard in Seshego? So that your ancestors can support you? You are a leader who can’t speak isiZulu, the only language you know is English. You address our Zulu people in English, what [kind of] a leader are you?”

The EFF viewed Mchunu’s utterances as stoking flames of tribalism and wanted the automotive company to disassociate itself with the former radio man. The motor company duly acted on Mchunu by distancing itself from his unbecoming remarks. It subsequently cut ties with him, and demanded their car back.

Mchunu bowed down to pressure and returned the car to the Port Shepstone branch on the KZN south coast. This after he had initially refused to apologise.

Insults fly

Malema, speaking during EFF press conference in Durban last week Friday, said: “I had not known that guy until the June 16 event. [He] was brought to me by SG (Marshall Dlamini). When I saw him I said ‘what is this guy doing on stage. They told me he is an artist or something. I don’t care what he thinks of me. He is the smallest boy ever. But even if I see him tomorrow, I will embrace him like any other African kid. I have no problem with him whatsoever.”

The red berets leader added that while he understands that Ngizwe was trying to earn a living by posting his social media videos, he chose the wrong way this time.

“He is doing his best to support his children but he goes about it the wrong way. Out of being excited sitting in the toilet, he made a stupid mistake by saying things he should not have said. Look now the car is gone and look how much this has cost him,” said Malema.

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