Mbaks’ Eat the Virus speech turned into song


Max Hurrell has done it again.

This time he remixed Fikile Mbalula’s update, generally dismissed as nonsensical, on how the coronavirus can’t survive in an aeroplane.

Mbalula was discussing regulations relating to the aviation industry, as recreational flights were allowed to fly from today.

With a straight face, he announced that “Planes eat the virus” and that taxis, unfortunately, don’t have the same luck.

“People ask why we are operating at 100% capacity on flights. It’s because planes can absorb disease. Planes are fitted with High Efficiency Particulate Air-Filters (HEPA). The plane is not a taxi. You fly for, say, two hours and you are compressed. The filter can eat any form of virus, including COVID-19.”

“The same does not happen in a car or a taxi. You can have the windows down, and the multiple stops. These are very technical issues and since we reopened, there’s been no coronavirus cases linked to flying. You are better protected on a plane than you are anywhere else.”

Hurrell, who became popular after remixing Nkosazana Dlamini’s zol speech, was never going to let this opportunity pass him by. But although Mbaks raised some eyebrows, it is true that The HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) system is incredibly effective as it kills off almost all hazardous airborne, or 99.99% of all airborne, germs.

According to aviation experts, it has the capacity to kill the coronavirus particulates in the air. However, it doesn’t remove the disease – as someone who is COVID-19 positive can still spread the disease when they get off the plane.

Mbak’s failed to explain the concept clearly and will go down in history with Dlamini-Zuma and Jackson Mthembu for their coronavirus comical blunders.



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