MK Party will ensure true equality for all – Zuma 

Umkhonto weSizwe Party (MKP) leader Jacob Zuma has described South Africa as a paradise for white people and hell for the indigenous people of the land. 

Zuma said this during the MKP’s mandate rally at Orlando Stadium yesterday. 

In a more than one-hour speech in IsiZulu, Zuma claimed that if his party wins the elections with a two-thirds majority, it will guarantee that the fortunes of natives will equal those of white people. 

The former ANC president said it was disturbing that all social ills in the country were only affecting black people. 

However, he said, this must be understood to be triggered by the poverty that black people continue to be subjected to 30 years into democracy. 

He blamed his former party, the ANC, for being filled with stooges who support white people in order to maintain the status quo. “When you talk about unemployment, it mainly affects black people, not others. People who stay in shacks are only black people,” said Zuma. 

“The only people who stay in villages are black people, and there are no jobs there, so they must migrate to cities to work for close to nothing while their families get destroyed. White people have solid family units because everyone stays under one roof in the cities. 

“As natives, we continue to live in abject poverty while we are the rightful owners of this land. This is our time as indigenous people to liberate ourselves from suffering.” 

Zuma said crime was black-on-black violence because of the scuffle for the few resources within the black community. 

“We have killings every day, but we never did these things before the arrival of settlers because we are good people at heart. But because poverty rules in the black community, so are all foreign behaviours. 

“We cannot have settlers who came here with nothing having everything.  

“We will end this, bring about real and genuine equality, and be recognised as the rightful owners of this land.” 

The former head of state also declared moral degeneracy in South African society, saying it was a sign of weak leadership that was failing to put the right laws in place. 

He said that under an MK Party government, teenage pregnancy and substance and alcohol abuse among young people would be the things of the past. 

The core of the MKP’s strategy to build a new South Africa would be to collapse the current regime of governance that gives politicians more power than traditional leaders. 

“Our brothers and sisters in the ANC who are in power have no clue what to do to govern this country, and they are aggressively moving in the wrong direction for the benefit of their funders. We cannot allow this to continue when lives were laid down for this freedom. 

“We have traditional leaders who have the proper African way of running the country, but they have been relegated to obscurity. A mere municipal councillor is more powerful than a traditional leader because white people told us that should be the way. The MK Party will change that.” 

Meanwhile, the rally was organised in chaos from start to finish, and leaders begged for forgiveness, saying it was teething problems.  

Even when Zuma spoke, throngs of people who had no business being on stage were up there; some even stood throughout his speech. In front of the stage, a space usually reserved for media, Amabutho, the MK paramilitary, and many MK supporters invaded the space.  

The internet reception was the biggest nightmare, with no signal connection at all on the field from start to finish, a situation exacerbated by the event starting very late. 

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