Charmza of the week

Charmza of the week

In many ways, electricity minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa is presidential material. No hyperbole.

Facts speak for themselves. Anyone who may want us to believe differently, that things are not happening on the power front, need to have their heads read.

Listen to his wisdom, underpinned not by flamboyance, but facts: “Just like the Rugby World Cup and our Springboks, they first have to win quarterfinals, then the semifinals and then the final.” Powerful words, and in his own words, “the analogy here is to get to 365 days without loadshedding”.

A thoughtful leader.

And so, we know, after many bungles, not of his own, Kusile unit will soon come on stream and so will Koeberg’s unit 1. Then, hopefully, cities, towns, dorpies, villages, will also rejoice, for light shall return to our long suffering Mzansi.

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