Gas blast sees tender hyenas appear

In the central business district of Johannesburg, a disruptive incident occurred on a cold Wednesday afternoon. A huge gas explosion rocked the bustling atmosphere of Lilian Ngoyi Street, previously known as Bree Street, resulting in chaotic scenes where taxis and cars were propelled into the air.

Regrettably, one person lost their life, while 40 people sustained injuries as the ground beneath them buckled.

The city remains baffled by the blast, leaving room for wild theories. From whispers of a gas explosion to whispers of rogue miners accidentally stumbling upon a hidden pipeline, the speculation game is in full swing.

Curiously, no esteemed expert graced the initial public briefings, leaving the stage open for Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi to step in and fill the void left by an overwhelmed Johannesburg mayor, Kabelo Gwamanda.

Lillian Ngoyi Street embodies the pulsating heartbeat of a city held hostage by a motley crew of inept, rapacious and self-absorbed individuals.

As the city crumbles under the weight of neglect, its political leaders and bureaucrats remain blissfully apathetic, their insatiable hunger for power and wealth drowning out the cries of its citizens.

The gas blast that tore through Lilian Ngoyi Street is but a chilling chapter in the harrowing saga of a ravenous monster known as greed.

Johannesburg, a city accustomed to a symphony of substation explosions, road implosions and colossal water pipe eruptions, finds itself entangled in a web of chaos.

Our beloved city teeters on the precipice of an impending catastrophe.

The midweek blast  serves as a vivid testament to the gradual decay of Johannesburg’s infrastructure, as meagre funds are begrudgingly allocated for its upkeep and development.

During the Covid-19 chaos  a pack of insatiable opportunists emerged from the shadows, their laughter echoing with a voracious hunger for personal gain. And they are back!

In the wake of a WhatsApp message urgently summoning the expertise of structural engineers, civil engineers, electrical engineers, water engineers and gas detection wizards, eyebrows have been raised and curiosity ignited.

Rumour has it that the chief operating officer  himself has given the green light for these professionals to be swiftly contracted within a mere hour of the blast.

But here’s the burning question: why were the official supply chain channels bypassed?

With neither Joburg City nor the Gauteng government having fully evaluated the extent of the infrastructure wreckage, one can’t help but wonder why they’re already contemplating awarding indefinite contracts.

Furthermore, we should also desire a swift resolution to the problem without it dragging on for years and requiring a substantial financial investment.

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