Social media soccer experts are gossip mongers

The advent of social media and easy access to the internet has turned the world upside down.

Every Joe Soap and the fellow next door has a smart-phone, meaning  he can access the internet – something that can open a world of wonders and opportunities. And we all know that access to the internet can make a man feel as free as a bird. 

Football followers in the country have also jumped on the bandwagon. They are not letting one opportunity pass them by. Whether it’s about Bafana Bafana, Kaizer Chiefs, Orlando Pirates or Mamelodi Sundowns. It does not even matter if it involves clubs in the far-flung areas or the third tier of SA football, they are getting involved with oomph and a lot of zeal. 

They are not going to be left out of this moving train – like in the past when only sports commentators, journalists, radio and TV hosts had a voice. They could only participate as mere spectators without platforms to voice their two cents’ worth. 

This irked a lot of the followers, because they were more clued up than the blinking bimbos who masqueraded as TV presenters. Some had played the sports at a higher level than the motor – mouth radio hosts who had never kicked a ball. 

For many decades, they had an axe to grind and wanted to make it known when a journalist committed a factual error – not only would they correct you via letters, but they would also make sure they humiliated you. 

Things have changed slightly.

With the African Cup of Nations taking place in Ivory Coast, social media is abuzz with unpredictable supporters who are blowing hot and cold – supporting Bafana when they win and disowning them and calling them Bafana Sundowns when they lose. 

While some of the content on these social media streets is worthwhile and highly informative, most of it, in my opinion, is just vile, malicious and full of hate. It’s even worse when it is false and non-factual. People are taking tavern gossip, reproducing it and peddling it as
gospel truth. 

These platforms have given hotheads an opportunity to debate nonsensical debates like who is the best between Doctor “16V” Khumalo and Themba “Mshishi” Zwane – a debate that has attracted thousands, if not millions, of people in Mzansi.

Followers with half  brain have steered clear and will not be drawn into such a stupid engagement.  

The social media debates about Bafana’s exploits have divided the football fraternity. While others are celebrating, others are saying that the team is not representative of the SA diski landscape.

Others are still moaning about the absence of Chiefs players in the squad. Some were harsh on Orlando Pirates’ striker Evidence Makgopa’s abilities and him leading the Bafana attack – before the skinny skyscraper from Burgersfort silenced those critics with his well-executed goal against Morocco on Tuesday. 

Some are calling for “Jersey Friday” to be implemented, while others are saying that Broos’ team has not done enough at the tournament, yet.

My gripe is that if you follow social media experts, you may end up running around like a headless chicken.

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