The thrill is long gone for voters

Johannesburg – For the sixth time since democracy, South Africa has held successful municipal elections. This is no mean feat for a young African democracy. Elections after elections, our Independent Electoral Commission has risen to the occasion.

But the real hero of our electoral democracy is the voter. Born in the long and winding voting queues of April 27, 1994, the South African voter has been and continues to be the miracle of our democracy.

Like those voting queues of ’94, that seemed to zigzag up the hills, down the valleys, and across the forests, from Beitbridge to Hout Bay; the generosity and enthusiasm of the South African voter have been unending.

We will not forget how, on April 27, 1994, Winnie Mandela traveled from Soweto to Katlehong, there to vote for the first time in her life.

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