Walter Sisulu University moves to ensure excellence

Johannesburg – A university with campuses in separate locations is more difficult to administer than when it is on one site.

In addition, faculties diffused over more than one campus exacerbate the situation. Academic excellence is also in danger of being compromised.

This is the case with Walter Sisulu University (WSU), which has its main campus in Mthatha and three more in Buffalo City, Komani, and Butterworth, each with more than one site of delivery.

This is an untenable situation and the result of the history of WSU and other institutions of higher learning, which amalgamated various institutions of higher education in 2005.

Other institutions that merged underwent rationalisation and consolidation, however, WSU did not complete this process for almost a decade, hence it has taken a decision to complete the process.

Consolidation is part of this African university’s strategic vision for 2020-2030. It draws on the university’s history and its place in a predominantly rural and socio-economically marginalised rural region – the Eastern Cape.

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