Pikitup interdicts striking workers from disrupting services

The City of Johannesburg has intervened in the current unlawful strike by Pikitup workers who have intimidated staff, blocked depot gates, and disrupted services.

This comes as the strike enters its second week and waste piles up in various Johannesburg neighbourhoods.

According to City Manager Floyd Brink, on Monday, the city was able to get a court interdict against the striking workers to safeguard everyone’s safety.

During a media briefing on Wednesday, Brink stated that where illegal acts are undertaken, they will take action against the staff and apply the repercussions.

Court interdict explained

“This is also to ensure the continuation of waste collection and waste management services within the city. What is critical for you to note is that the conditions of that court interdict consist of blocking of the entrance of the depots. You would realise that when you look at some of the pictures, [those] were some of the noncompliance,” said Brink.

Meanwhile, Pikitup managing director Bukelwa Njingolo confirmed that the workers who are on strike do not have direct contracts with Pikitup.

“Pikitup is assisted by about 3,000 EPWP workers on the ground. We have a database of 101 cooperatives and under those cooperatives we have appointed 3000 EPWPs. Those are contracted with cooperatives, not Pikitup. The casuals are contracted with the owners of the trucks. But considerations will made in terms of ensuring that those who are assisting us will be considered,” said Njingolo.

She went on to say that they are negotiating with the management, especially where depots are closed.

Recruitment drive

“Pikitup is going on an ongoing recruitment drive and that would be done in a phased approach. Phase one was done in December 2023 and the appointment was last week. The next drive will be initiated in May and it will be concluded in June. We believe that we could look at consideration of those who are in partnership with Pikitup. [This is] including casual workers, but that will not be necessarily targeting them.”

Sunday World understands that the workers who are on strike demand permanent jobs with the waste collection company.

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