Pupil dies after dreadful accident at school

Seven-year-old Sinikeziwe Ndlovu has died after a horrific accident at Hector Peterson Primary School, in Soweto.

Ndlovu was allegedly hit by a vehicle and dragged at least six metres from the point of impact. The incident resulted in the child suffering from broken ribs and lung failure.

Family spokesperson Senamile Ndlovu said they were called to rush to school on May 17 as Ndlovu was involved in a heart-wrenching accident and they found the accident at the scene, ready to transport them to Leratong hospital.

“A few hours after arriving at the hospital the doctor came to update us on the injuries sustained by the child and the family was broken to hear that that the child was possibly brain dead and that if she lived, she would not be her normal self.

“She was still so young and to see her lying in a hospital bed, especially in ICU (intensive care unit), was too painful to handle. After more than five surgeries and being declared brain dead, she left us on Monday and we are struggling to get over the pain of losing this young member of the family from a place we thought was safe for her,” she said.

Senamile said the teachers told the family that the incident happened while the child was playing with her peers after school, at the school grounds near the Grade R classrooms.

The driver allegedly reversed straight toward Ndlovu and dragged her back and forth trying to find a good parking spot.

“The teachers were there because it was only after school for the foundation phase and not the rest of the school. They said they shouted for the driver to stop and screamed louder as she was being dragged but the driver could not hear because of the loud music.

“The school has since been quiet from the day of the incident and we expected them to show sympathy by checking with the family on how one of their pupils was holding on after such a disturbing accident but they recently said they will hold a memorial service once schools reopen,” she said.

She said a case has been opened but the driver in question was still roaming the streets.

Senamile said they were told that there is nothing the school or the education department can do as the incident happened only after school and the driver was not a staff member.

Principal of the school, Mzingisi Bonongo, said declined to comment and give details on the matter stating that it was still under police investigation.

“I don’t want to be misquoted in any way because there are a lot of rumours are already out there. We will negotiate a memorial service with the family once we reopen because some families do not want memorial services. However, the school will attend the funeral on Sunday,” said Bonongo.


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