Renowned actress-turned-producer Sonia Mbele ‘fails’ to pay up

Blood and Water actress Sonia Mbele is embroiled in another financial scandal, this time for failing to pay more than 30 suppliers.

The acclaimed actress allegedly owes contractors money for services they rendered during the filming of Mbele’s reality TV show.

This television show is set to showcase the flamboyant life of Zimbabwean Prophet Java. 

The media personality allegedly ducked and dived and gave every excuse in the book before finally paying those who threatened to take legal action.

The rest are allegedly still waiting to be paid.

As it stands, over 30 suppliers including a camera crew, catering team and prop suppliers are threatening to take her to the cleaners for failing to settle their invoices.

Excuses and promises

A camera operations supplier, who spoke to Sunday World on condition of anonymity, said Mbele owes her R19 000 for services rendered.

She said the former Generations star told her that she has not been able to settle her payment because some camera equipment was stolen during filming. 

“So this film equipment that’s gone missing, she is somehow wanting the whole crew to pay for it, even departments that have nothing to do with it,” said the supplier.

The cast and crew filmed the pilot stage of the show between November 7 and 11.

In WhatsApp conversations between the service provider and Mbele, the media personality pleads for more time to organise her finances before settling the debt.

“Just give me a moment. It won’t make sense for me to pay others and not the rest of you. I promise you with my children’s life,” says Mbele in one of the conversations.

“I will pay everyone, just give me a few days to sort a few things out regarding the missing equipment and gear.”

During the conversation on Monday, Mbele also told the supplier that the reality TV show was rejected by a broadcaster.

Letter of demand

Another supplier who provided catering services told Sunday World that the matter is being handled by her lawyers.

She said the lawyers will soon send a letter of demand to the media personality.

Sunday World approached Mbele for a comment through her public relations manager Thato Malindi, who advised that the actress will respond after he had liaised with her.

This is not the first time Mbele is found in a financial limbo.

In September, the producer was in court for allegedly failing to settle her tax matters relating to earnings from her show, Real Housewives of Johannesburg.

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