SA feels your pain, Ramaphosa tells mourners at king’s funeral

The pain following the death of AmaMpondo King Tyelovuyo Zanozuko Sigcau is felt throughout the country, President Cyril Ramaphosa told mourners during the king’s funeral service on Tuesday.

Delivering the eulogy, Ramaphosa said it was a difficult time for the amaFaku clan and the entire AmaMpondo nation.

“This pain is felt throughout the country, and we are here to say receive our deepest condolences for your family, clan, and the nation,” said Ramaphosa.

“When we received the news of His Majesty’s illness, we thought he would survive. I have a sense that we have been robbed of this young king who would have contributed to the development of this country.”

Declared a category one official funeral by the president last week, the king’s funeral was attended by government officials, traditional leaders, and the AmaMpondo nation at the Ndimakude Great Palace in Flagstaff, Eastern Cape.

King Sigcau succumbed to death after a long undisclosed sickness on May 31. The medical doctor who treated him, Bulelani Matha, told the mourners that Sigcau had not been well since 2016.

“Today I am not only talking about the king as his doctor only, but his friend too,” said Matha. “He had been in and out of the hospital since 2016, but that never changed what he stood for, which is the development of this nation.

“His humility made him go everywhere as he was loved by many because of his authenticity and honesty.”

Princess Stella Sigcau said her brother was working on unifying the family before his departure. “We will continue with his true Mpondo patriotic spirit because he wanted growth for this nation,” she said.

Zanozuko was passionate about everything that involved communities as investors in many initiatives.

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