Sex worker tells court about the difficulties of her job

The trial against the alleged sex worker serial killer Sifiso Mkhwanazi heard the last parts of Miss A’s testimony on Tuesday.

Miss A, a sex worker who may not be identified, stood in the witness stand wearing a denim dress, denim jacket and olive green sandals with blood red hair.

Among other things about her work, Miss A told the Joburg High Court about her rates.

”R100 is when a client sleeps on my chest, and R200 for dog style (entry from behind).”

She explained that payment is discussed before the sex act.

The defence lawyer, Vuyo Maqetuka, asked if she had ever threatened to open a rape case. 

She instead detailed how arguments occurred on the job.

“The arguments come in when the client wants their money back after spending an hour with you.

Clients can take you to their homes and do as they like

“We go to different places at different times as sex workers; a client can take you to his house and do whatever he wants.”

However, she said clients did not fight when booked at the hotel or room as other people look after them.

Miss A told the court, on Sunday October 2, 2022 Joyce Moyo wore a mini-skirt and denim jacket, and carried a small backpack.

She said the car on the premises looked like the one that picked Moyo up. Initially, she had said she had seen the exact car that picked Moyo up on the premises when she went to identify Moyo on the premises on October 9.

On that day, six bodies were found at the panel-beating shop belonging to the accused father. Two of the discovered bodies were pregnant women.

Mkhwanazi, also known as the “Sunday Serial Killer” owing to the fact that the victims were last seen after he had piked them in downtown Joburg on Sunday evenings, stated in his confession that he left the body at that specific place to put an end to his 2022 murder spree.

He faces six charges of murder, seven charges of rape and a string of other criminal charges. Sex workers and their supporters picketed outside the court, singing and dancing to drive home their anti-abuse message.

The trial continues on Wednesday.



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