Thoko Didiza grateful to emerge as national assembly speaker

Thoko Didiza has been elected as the new Speaker of the National Assembly.

The former Minister of Agriculture, Land reform and Rural Development received a total of 284 votes. She beat the Economic Freedom Fighter’s Veronica Mente, who only received 49 votes. A total of nine votes were spoiled and invalidated.

Didiza said she was aware of her responsibilities. These include ensuring that parliament can have debates that are within the rules. And should also be fair to everyone involved.

Committed to working with everyone

As such, she announced that she was committed to working with everyone. From the office of the Speaker to the chairperson, she will ensure that order is maintained in parliament.

“I would like to thank my organisation, the African National Congress, for having nominated me to represent them. As the movement but also the people of South Africa, supported by the parties that voted for me.” 

“But I also know that the other party that might have nominated a candidate that duly supports this nomination,” she added.

Didiza said it was no train-smash that she had a competitor for the position. This considering that South Africa was a democratic country. And that everyone should exercise their right to nominate and also vote for a candidate they consider suitable.

She said having parties voting for different people did not necessarily mean that they were against the other nomination brought forth.

Grateful to everyone who participated in the process

“I would like to thank all of you as members who have participated in this democratic process. That of electing the Speaker of the National Assembly in the seventh Parliament of the Republic of South Africa,” said Didiza.

She continued with the order of the day as she oversees the nominations and appointments of deputy speaker. She will be on the chair as the National Assembly appoints a president of the government of National Unity.


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