Xiluva leader urges public protector to probe Steenhuisen

The leader of Xiluva political party, Bongani Baloyi, has urged the public protector to investigate DA’s leader, John Steenhuisen.

Baloyi wrote to the Public Protector, Advocate Kholeka Gcaleka. He is requesting that she probes Steenhuisen’s alleged 2020 leadership campaign slush fund.

Matter related to Sunday World article

Xiluva’s leader wrote to the public protector after Sunday World published an article about Steenhuisen. In it he was alleged to have been part of the people in the DA who used the party’s funds for his ambitions to ascend to the highest position within the party.

“Xiluva has written to the Public Protector, Advocate Kholeka Gcaleka, to investigate John Steenhuisen’s alleged 2020 leadership campaign slush fund.

It is crucial for the public protector to thoroughly investigate allegations of a slush fund to ensure transparency and accountability in the political process,” said Baloyi.

He added that such investigations were very important towards maintaining trust in the integrity of democratic institutions. Also towards holding public figures accountable for their actions.

Ethical conduct as a public representative questioned

“Allegations of undisclosed funds received by Steenhuisen are serious and call into question his ethical conduct as a public representative,” Baloyi said.

“The public protector should investigate this matter promptly to determine the veracity of the claims. And to uphold the standards of transparency and accountability in government.” 

Baloyi also stated that Steenhuisen’s failure to disclose such funds as required by parliament’s ethics committee was unethical. He said it undermines the public’s trust in the political system and the individuals elected to serve them.

On Sunday, Sunday World reported that Steenhuisen found himself thrown into a messy political quagmire of expelled party MPs and Gauteng leader Manny de Freitas.

Insiders within the DA demanded to know why the DA leader was never hauled before the disciplinary committee. This for the alleged role he played in using the party’s donated funds to campaign for his leadership role.

De Freitas was sent packing over same matter

The DA sent De Freitas packing after he was found guilty of corruption. This after he allegedly used the party’s kitty to fund Steenhuisen’s 2020 campaign. The campaign was for the organisation’s leadership position.

ActionSA member Tsepo Mhlongo was the first whistleblower to expose the alleged corrupt relationship between Steenhuisen and De Freitas. He was expelled from the DA last year.

This matter is likely to throw the DA into political turmoil just before the national and provincial elections. That’s if Baloyi has his way with the public protector on his claims.

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