Beware of Covid tsunami

Johannesburg – A fully-fledged fourth wave of the deadly Covid-19 could have a debilitating effect on the state’s health, infrastructure, and economy.

As illustrated powerfully during the first three waves, the plague created fear and psychological reactions. In the face of these grim facts, we must not relax our guard, complacency will come at a deadly cost.

We are in uncharted waters as far as Omicron is concerned, which makes it difficult to chart the trajectory of this new viral beast.

Many are brazenly violating the provisions of the lockdown, by deliberately leaving the sanctuary of their homes and venturing into the streets without compelling reasons.

Little do these citizens realise that we are being stalked and hunted by a biological killer. By flouting lockdown rules and regulations, and participating in super spreader events, we are feeding into the frenzy of the encroaching virus as it stealthily infects crowds and gatherings, thereby spreading its lethal tentacles in a trajectory that will be difficult to control and contain if we do not adhere to safety precautions.

We are displaying defiance in the face of a perilous virus, that has the proven capability to overwhelm those with weak immune systems. Stay out of the biological 4th wave tsunami by strictly adhering to health protocols.

By Farouk Araie.

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