Heroic health workers must be rewarded

26 April 2020

The multibillion-rand stimulus pack­age announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa this week and his de­cision to slowly open up the economy must be applauded.

However, we must not, as a nation, be caught up in the euphoria of a presidency that is finally taking charge and showing a renewed focus.

More can and should be done for our frontline workers who come into contact with the murderous virus daily.

Truth be told, it must take inordinate courage and a desire to serve for the na­tion’s health care workers to wake up each morning and trudge to work, know­ing they may come into contact with a virus that has stopped many lives in a short space of time.

The health care workers do not only deserve our gratitude but their welfare must be taken care of by a grateful pres­ident, on behalf of the nation.

The president has come out big time for business and the same benevolence must be extended to our nurses, hospital cleaners and other workers who have spared no effort in fighting this virus.

Temporary tax relief, debt repayment and allowances should be given to our health workers.

We cannot hide behind the fact that nurses and doctors have taken the oath to serve in excusing our failure to recog­nise their contribution in treating and containing Covid-19.

A mere mention in a president’s speech does not suffice to express the nation’s gratitude for a job well done in service of the health of the nation.

Let’s reward hard work in the best possible way – by putting money in health workers’ pockets.


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