ActionSA suspends official, bodyguard for ‘misusing’ state vehicle

ActionSA has suspended two party members from Newcastle in KwaZulu-Natal pending the outcome of a disciplinary hearing by the municipality.

The municipality suspended Mzwakhe Mbatha, chief whip and councillor for ActionSA, as well as Sizwe Mokoena, his driver and sub-regional chairperson, for alleged abuse of municipal vehicles.

This comes following an apparent fallout in which the two accused one another of misusing a state vehicle for personal errands and, among other things, picking up women.

Since May 30, the municipality had suspended Mokoena, and now the political party has also suspended him.

Zwakhele Mncwango, the ActionSA provincial spokesperson in KwaZulu-Natal, confirmed that the duo has been suspended, pending the outcome of the investigation.

Code of conduct 

“As outlined in Section 4 of ActionSA’s interim constitution, all members, staff, and public representatives are bound by the party’s code of conduct and any conduct in breach thereof is escalated to the ethics and disciplinary committee,” said Mncwango.

“The committee is empowered to investigate and hold hearings related to any alleged breach of the party’s code of conduct. Thus, ActionSA can confirm that these due processes are under way.

“We take this matter seriously and aim to expedite all investigations to bring the matter to finality, ensuring all allegations are fully ventilated.

“We intend to hold accountable any individuals found to have acted outside of the party’s code of conduct.”

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