ActionSA tables plans to avert possible water shutdown

Action SA has tabled comprehensive plans to mitigate the risks and secure the nation’s water future.

This comes in the wake of a water scarcity and declining water quality affecting residents in Gauteng and KZN for weeks. Other parts of the country have also been affected.

The Department of Water and Sanitation reportedly issued a warning recently. It stated that failure to complete phase two of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project on schedule could result in a water shutdown.

Lesotho Highlands Water project

This project is the largest infrastructure endeavour between the two nations. It entails the construction of tunnels and dams to redirect water from the Lesotho mountains to South Africa.

 ActionSA National Chairperson Michael Beaumont unveiled the party’s plans during a media briefing on Thursday. He highlighted the gravity of the situation. Beaumont said  much attention has been directed towards the country’s energy crisis. During this time, the water crisis silently crept up on South Africans, risking the lives and livelihoods of millions.

Beaumont highlighted the plight of communities such as those in the South Coast of KZN, Giyani in Limpopo, and Makhana in the Eastern Cape. They have endured years of water shortages. He stressed the urgent need for decisive action.

“At the heart of our proposals lies a recognition of the multifaceted nature of the water crisis,” Beaumont stated.

Myriad of challenges

“From supply chain issues to municipal mismanagement, the challenges are vast and complex. However, with concerted effort and strategic intervention, we believe that meaningful progress can be achieved.”

ActionSA’s approach to addressing the country’s water crisis encompasses strengthening institutions. Also repairing and expanding infrastructure and identifying and fixing leakages. Increasing water supply through strategic investments, promoting technological innovation, and advocating for water conservation.

Firstly, the party plans to prioritise bolstering the Department of Water and Sanitation. This by filling critical vacancies in engineering and project management roles. To ensure effective oversight of water projects.

Secondly, a national strategic maintenance plan will be implemented. This will be to repair aging infrastructure and expand capacity to meet rising demand, Beaumont said.

It includes assessing risks to the water supply and taking proactive measures.

Nationwide programme to address the water crisis

The party intends to launch a nationwide programme to identify and swiftly address water leakages. They will involve both municipalities and bulk water suppliers. Additionally, they plan to increase water supply. They will do this by using data-driven insights to pinpoint suitable sites for new storage facilities. Investments will focus on constructing bulk water supply storage, such as dams or reservoirs. This will bolster the nation’s water reserves.

Beaumont emphasised that ActionSA aims to incentivise research in water supply technologies. This particularly in affordable desalination of seawater and resilient infrastructure.

Water conservation programmes

Finally, he called for the promotion of water conservation through extensive education and awareness campaigns. He said investments will also be made in grey-water distribution systems. This to ensure that drinkable water is primarily reserved for human consumption. The process will further their commitment to sustainable water management.

Beaumont concluded by urging South Africans to seize the upcoming election as an opportunity for change. “If South Africans want this water crisis solved faster than the 17 years it took to address the energy crisis, they need to vote for ActionSA,” he said.

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