ANC still trails EFF in the race for numbers, says Malema

Until they organise 100 000 and pack FNB Stadium to the rafters, the ANC will always trail the EFF in the numbers race, even if Moses Mabhida Stadium is packed on February 24 during the governing party’s manifesto launch.

This is the point at which the numerical contest between political parties in the run-up to the general elections becomes crucial.

Speaking at the party’s list conference in Durban, EFF leader Julius Malema claimed that the party was far ahead of all other contenders, including the ANC.

The EFF prevailed because it had filled FNB Stadium, the largest stadium in the nation, something the current ANC administration has yet to accomplish.

Furthermore, the EFF gathered 65 000 supporters at Moses Mabhida Stadium on Saturday for the launch of the party’s election manifesto, he charged.

ANC election manifesto

It is anticipated that the ANC will also fill Moses Mabhida to the rafters when it launches its election manifesto in two week’s time.

However, Malema maintains that will not be sufficient.

“We filled up FNB and now Mabhida while the ANC filled up Mbombela Stadium and are coming to Mabhida,” said Malema.

“The ANC must still fill FNB Stadium in order to compare to the EFF. Mabhida and Mbombela stadiums are equal to FNB Stadium, so we are ahead until they go to FNB Stadium.”

Malema feels the EFF is unparalleled in its ability to mobilise large numbers of people.

According to him, even in the face of making the Moses Mabhida Stadium a no-go area for political parties not led by Zulu-speaking leaders, the EFF, which is led by mostly leaders who speak languages spoken in the north of the country, defied the odds.

He challenged the IFP, calling it “a regional party”, to try its luck and plan a rally in Polokwane or anywhere else in Tshwane, something he thinks it will never do.

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