Bosa defies odds, proves readiness to contest May 29 elections

Build One South Africa (Bosa) has overcome significant obstacles to qualify for the May 29 national and provincial elections.

The party, under the leadership of former DA leader Mmusi Maimane, has managed to secure its place on the ballot nationally and in all nine provinces despite facing strict requirements and legal difficulties.

The road to qualification was not without its challenges.

Bosa found itself leading the opposition to new electoral laws that sought to impose strict requirements on newly formed political parties.

Despite Maimane’s vocal criticism of these laws, an urgent application to challenge them in court was rejected, leaving the party in a precarious position.

Groundswell of support

However, the determination of Bosa and its supporters prevailed.

With an impressive display of grassroots activism, the party managed to gather over 140 000 signatures, more than double the number required.

These signatures, symbolising a groundswell of support for Bosa’s vision of change, were hand-delivered to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) by the party’s top brass on Thursday.

Speaking passionately about the mission of BOSA during the launch in September 2022, Maimane reiterated his commitment to building a South Africa that works for all its citizens.

He condemned the pervasive corruption and high crime rates that continue to plague the nation, vowing to establish a government that prioritises the needs of the people over personal gain.

Addressing the issue of unemployment, Maimane expressed deep concern and stressed the urgent need for change.

He pledged to take Bosa’s message across the country, promising South Africans that real change is on the horizon and that his party will be the catalyst for a new political landscape.

Diverse range of voices

On Thursday, Maimane affirmed Bosa’s preparedness to contest the general elections with a slate of 120 candidates.

These candidates, selected through a rigorous and inclusive process, represent a diverse range of voices committed to serving communities and the nation at large, he said.

“Being a new political party has not come without its challenges. Between the government, the IEC, and the Constitutional Court, many unnecessary, and some unjust, hurdles have been placed in our path,” Maimane said.

“Bosa is now established nationally in all nine provinces, with a leader that has a national appeal and candidates that are fresh, talented, and ready to build.

“This is a unique offer that no other new party can match.”

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