Cadre deployment records to be released before deadline – ANC

The ANC has committed to complying with the Constitutional Court order to release its contentious cadre deployment records by the end of business on Monday.

This follows the DA’s accusation that the governing party is disobeying the order and the opposition party’s threat to file a contempt of court application.

Last week, the ANC suffered a blow in its last bid to hand over its records after the apex court ruled in favour of the DA.

The Constitutional Court, while excusing procedural irregularities, refused to grant permission to appeal, stating that it was not in the interests of justice, and gave the ANC five days to release the records.

Request for extension turned down

During his address at the party’s manifesto launch at the weekend, DA leader John Steenhuisen said the ANC had requested more time, which the party has declined.

Responding to the DA in a statement on Monday, the ANC defended its deployment practices, citing international examples and emphasising the importance of political involvement in governance.

It affirmed that it had nothing to hide, as some of the records dating back from 2018 to 2021 had already been handed over to the Zondo commission of inquiry for scrutiny.

“Dr Leon Schreiber and the DA are fully aware of these facts but have chosen to engage in deliberate misrepresentation, threats, and false expectations of what might be contained in the records,” the statement reads.

“While it acknowledges that some past deployments have been problematic, the ANC affirms that over the years it has deployed individuals with impressive qualifications and credentials and is proud of its cadres who have achieved great outcomes for South Africa and those who are shoulder to the wheel, driving transformation and societal renewal in challenging socio-economic circumstances.”

The records demanded encompass a variety of documents, including minutes from cadre deployment committee meetings, WhatsApp conversations, e-mails, and CVs.

DA MP Schreiber leads the charge

DA MP Schreiber led the charge on this issue when he started the legal action after his 2021 Promotion of Access to Information Act application for the cadre deployment records was turned down.

Schreiber argued that the governing party’s cadre deployment policy played a significant role in fostering corruption and state capture, making transparency in this matter of paramount importance to the public.

The DA was slated to announce its next move on this matter on Monday; however, it postponed the address on Sunday evening, stating that another would be scheduled at a later date.

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