DA loses another ward to PA in the Western Cape

The Patriotic Alliance (PA) in the Western Cape has managed to snatch another ward from the Democratic Alliance (DA) following a very tight by-elections held on Wednesday.

The PA seized control of the picturesque George, the third-largest municipality in the province, with Samuel Vorster winning Ward 8.

Increasing support for PA in the region

The party secured 1,272 votes, translating to a 62.75% support rate. This is significantly ahead of the DA, which garnered 671 votes. Also far surpassing the ANC and the EFF, which received 50 and 34 votes, respectively.

This victory signifies a growing trust in the PA within this locality. It also reflects a broader trend of voter disillusionment with the traditional major parties.

The PA’s success in George is not an isolated event. In November 2020, the PA scored a big victory in Johannesburg by taking control of a ward that used to belong to the DA.

Then, in May 2021, they won two more wards in the southern part of Johannesburg. Those wards were also previously held by the DA. On February 8, 2023, the PA made history by winning a by-election in Cape Town’s Ward 56.

Made history in Ward 56

This was the first time in over 15 years that a party other than the DA or the African National Congress (ANC) won control of a ward in Cape Town. It showed that the PA’s influence was growing. I also highlighted the shifting political sentiments among the electorate.

The recent by-elections on Wednesday involved seven municipalities, seven wards and 28 voting districts. There was a total of 45,703 registered voters, indicating a significant electoral event.

The DA managed to win two wards, one in Grasbow in the Western Cape and another in Ekurhuleni in Gauteng. It won with a 26.25% support rate and 4,389 votes for both municipalities.

Coloured voters praised

“Coloured voters in the Western Cape have woken up to the racist Democratic Alliance in the Western Cape. We will remove them and their bought media, including their fake pollsters from the face of Western Cape politics. Well done [PA], we beat them resoundingly,” PA leader Gayton McKenzie said.



Kenny Kunene elated

PA deputy president and City of Joburg MMC for Transport, cllr Kenny Kunene, also tweeted his excitement at his party’s Western Cape performance.  “Whippppppppyyyyyyy!!” he tweeted.
About George

George Municipality is a local government area in the Western Cape province. It has around 193,672 people living there, with more than half being from the coloured community.

The council running the municipality has 53 members. They’re chosen through various ways. Some are elected directly from different areas. While others are picked from lists based on how many votes their party gets.

In the last election in November 2021, no single party got enough seats to rule alone. But the DA got the most seats. It joined with the Freedom Front Plus and the African Christian Democratic Party. The union made a group big enough to lead the municipality together.

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