‘Doomsday coalition between ANC, EFF will unleash crime wave’

Amid the backdrop of escalating violent crime, soaring murder rates, and a sense of fear gripping Nelson Mandela Bay, DA leader John Steenhuisen launched the “Rescue South Africa Tour” on Tuesday in a fervent call to action.

Addressing a crowd in the heart of the beleaguered city, Steenhuisen condemned a coalition between the ANC and the EFF, labelling it a “doomsday coalition” that threatens to plunge South Africa into further chaos.

He vividly recounted the tragic tale of three-year-old Emilio Hutchinson, whose life was brutally cut short by gang violence.

Emilio’s story, emblematic of the anguish and suffering endured by countless families in Nelson Mandela Bay, served as a rallying cry for justice and change.

14-day ultimatum

“We have given [Police Minister] Bheki Cele an ultimatum of 14 days to take action to make our communities safer, or we will escalate our fight further,” said Steenhuisen.

“The DA is leading the charge against gang violence, not only for little Emilio, but for each and every family that lives in fear of violent criminals.”

The DA leader minced no words in his indictment of the current state of affairs, lambasting the ANC for its ineptitude and the EFF for its complicity in perpetuating a climate of lawlessness.

Drawing attention to Nelson Mandela Bay’s despicable distinction as the “most dangerous city in South Africa”, Steenhuisen underscored the urgency of the situation and issued a stern warning against the looming spectre of a nationwide crisis.

“The crime wave that has engulfed the beautiful city of Nelson Mandela Bay is a harbinger of things to come wherever the doomsday coalition between the ANC and EFF takes power.”

Safety and security

Central to Steenhuisen’s message was a pledge to restore safety and security to Nelson Mandela Bay, promising decisive action to combat gang violence and bolster law enforcement.

He outlined a series of measures, including devolving policing powers to the community level, deploying additional law-enforcement officers, and establishing dedicated units to tackle gender-based violence and crimes against children.

Moreover, Steenhuisen emphasised the pivotal role of job-creation in stemming the tide of crime, highlighting the correlation between unemployment and susceptibility to gang recruitment.

He pointed to the DA’s track record of job-creation in the Western Cape as a blueprint for revitalising the Eastern Cape’s economy and offering hope to its youth.

In a scathing rebuke of the ANC’s desperation to cling to power, Steenhuisen condemned President Cyril Ramaphosa‘s recent attacks on the media as a brazen assault on democracy.

Freedom of the press

Furthermore, he accused the ANC of resorting to authoritarian tactics in a futile attempt to silence dissent and evade accountability.

”This is nothing less than a brazen, undemocratic assault on the freedom of the press by a scared and weak man who is about to lose power.

“It is the behaviour of a tin-pot dictator who is shaking in his boots. In fact, Ramaphosa is so scared that he even declined an invitation to debate me on News24 last week.

“The ANC is scared of the media, the ANC is scared of the DA, and above all else, the ANC is scared of the people.”

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