Follow Jacob Zuma at your own peril – warns Fikile Mbalula

Those who follow former President Jacob Zuma are doomed. This is according to ANC secretary-general Fikile Mbalula, who added that following Zuma is tantamount to moving against the party’s revolutionary agenda.

Mbalula was briefing the media on the outcomes of the ANC’s national executive committee meetings on Thursday.

Discontent with Ramaphosa

The party recently suspended Zuma following his decision to campaign for the uMkhonto WeSizwe (MK) party.

Zuma announced in December that he would not campaign for the ANC in the upcoming elections. He expressed discontent with President Cyril Ramaphosa’s administration.

The ANC on Tuesday said it was “summarily” suspending Zuma and would deal with his disciplinary process after the elections.

First incident of its kind in the ANC

Mbalula said Zuma’s behaviour is relatively new for the ANC, stating that the party might make a mistake in dealing with him, but it would be a lesson for all.

“Zuma has done something that has never been done by anybody. We have never dealt with someone like Zuma in the life of the ANC,” he said.

“We may commit mistakes in how we deal with him, but we will learn a lot. And out of Zuma’s experience, revolutionaries will be born. Others will learn that to follow him was suicidal for the South African revolution.”

MK numbers soar

After Zuma’s announcement, the MK Party has witnessed a significant surge in its popularity. It emerged as a formidable challenge to several political parties.

This poses a particularly significant threat to the ANC. The party is currently grappling with numerous smaller parties attempting to diminish its support.

But according to Mbalula, Zuma is ambitious. He likened him to several bogus pastors who have been seen performing questionable acts for followership.

“How do you go to people and promise them a two-thirds majority that you will never achieve? Politically, he is basically dealing with people like they attend a charismatic church that tells people to eat snakes, and then they comply,” he said.

ICJ case

Mbalula also addressed allegations pertaining to the historic genocide case against Israel.

In January, the South African government won a case against Israel. This after taking Israel to the International Court of Justice. South Africa accused Israel of committing genocide in the Gaza Strip when it retaliated to military operations in October last year.

Mbalula said the allegations that the ANC government received money from Iran were baseless.

The Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Naledi Pandor, also rubbished the allegations during a media briefing on Wednesday.

“We would expect those rumours to come from the Zionist state of Israel because they are hurt by the stance we have taken,” Mbalula said.

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