‘Gordhan is presiding over a crisis with no possible solutions’

In a rebuke against the backdrop of growing concerns over the fate of state-owned enterprises (SOEs), the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) in North West has taken aim at Pravin Gordhan, the Minister of Public Enterprises.

The youth structure expressed dismay at what it described as “distasteful commentary” from the minister, accusing him of undermining the views of young people in the country.

The ANCYL’s criticism centres on Gordhan’s response to the league’s concerns about the proposed sale of SEOs, which it likened to a “Black Friday arrangement”.

According to the young lions, the minister’s handling of the SOE crisis has raised alarm.

It assets that Gordhan’s proposed measures, such as the unbundling of the energy provider and the sale of SAA, are indicative of a lack of innovative solutions.

The league claimed that these steps represent an “easy way out” and accused Gordhan of pursuing actions driven by “selfish and greedy” motives.

The criticism did not stop at Gordhan’s proposals.

It also pointed to allegations of corruption, irregularities, and wasteful expenditure within the SOEs, which it claimed have severely hindered these entities from operating optimally.

The league squarely placed the blame on Gordhan’s leadership, asserting that he is more concerned with protecting his own reputation and ego rather than safeguarding the nation’s interests.

“The minister is presiding over a crisis with no possible solutions except the selfish, greedy easy way out,” said the league in a statement.

“The proposal to unbundle the energy provider and the sale of SAA are clear indicators that the old man is out of ideas that may save the little that is left of our SOEs.

“His lack of appetite to resolve this crisis stems from a very deep place of uncontrollable greed and deliberate undermining of the people of the republic.

“We are not oblivious to the fact that our SOEs have been struggling to perform optimally. This is a threat to our already fragile economy.”

The ANCYL went on to challenge Gordhan’s authority to demand an apology from the young lions, asserting that the league will not apologize for the criticism.

It also urged the minister to seek his apology from private capital, which it accuse him of enabling to capture state entities.

“The ANCYL leadership will not apologize for airing out constructive criticism to a minister who is remiss and missing in action.

“Pravin must go fetch his apology from private capital which uses him as an instrument and enabler to capture our SOEs.

“From the ANCYL, he will be stopped in his attempts to undermine the people of this country. We call upon all and sundry to defend the gains of our hard-earned democracy.”


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