Hlaudi calls Ramaphosa a failed politician

Former SABC COO and the leader of the African Content Movement (ACM), Hlaudi Motsoeneng, has lashed out at President Cyril Ramaphosa. He said the president’s claim that social grants would be withdrawn if the ANC lost power showed that he was out of his depth as the leader of the governing party.

Motsoeneng, who previously admitted taking chances when entering politics, told Sunday World that the revival of the ANC as one of the continent’s oldest liberation movements was hopeless under Ramaphosa due to his lack of political astuteness.

Only Mbeki, Motlanthe can rescue ANC

He proposed that former Presidents Thabo Mbeki and Kgalema Motlanthe should take over the process to revive the ANC. The ACM leader credits the ANC for bringing freedom for South Africans. He said this it did together with other political movements. These are the PAC and Azapo, as well as ex-homeland leaders such as Bantu Holomisa and the late Tshiame Mopeli. Mopeli was the chief minister of Qwaqwa.

“Ramaphosa cannot think, and he has no innovations. We can’t have a president of the country who feels proud about grants. As he said that if the ANC loses power, people will no longer get social grants.

“South Africans want employment, not grants. He is actually insulting our people, as he says that those grants are a way to live. The ANC is buying people with this R350 grant to stay in power. For that reason, South Africans must wake up and stop voting for the ANC,” he said.

Failed politician

Motsoeneng said the ANC elders needed to intervene in the turmoil that is raging within the party under Ramaphosa. He described him as a failed politician who would be best suited to serving the country as a historian.

“Ramaphosa is not a politician but a historian who lacks leadership. How can you tell people about the history of the ANC while knowing that the citizens of this country need jobs and stability? Ramaphosa is not fit for a purpose. He must write books and retire from politics. He is clueless when it comes to leadership,” said Motsoeneng.

He also decried the ANC’s enthusiasm for countless imbizos that were “useless and worthless”.

“These imbizos are talk shops with no substance or way forward. The ANC, in its manifestos, made promises to the people. But then, it went back to the masses again with its imbizos to listen to the problems of the citizens.

“This party is spitting in our faces. Since the elections are coming, you will see the party coming up with new projects spearheaded by the government. But after the elections, those ventures will be gone,” he said.

He said that his wish was to see the ANC still exist in the country. “I have my own party that will be contesting the Free State. But I don’t want to see the ANC getting destroyed by Ramaphosa and his cabal.

“Ramaphosa must step aside and allow Mbeki and Motlanthe to take charge before it is too late.

Good historian, bad leader

“Ramaphosa is a failed leader, and he is busy insulting small political parties while giving people blankets and food parcels.” 

Motsoeneng said Ramaphosa was “forever telling people about how the ANC’s past leaders had worked hard to liberate the country. He forgets that the citizens cannot eat or change their lives through being told about history.

“Ramaphosa is a good historian who can tell us about the history of the country and the ANC, nothing else. He just needs to step aside and allow the elders to steer the party’s ship in the right direction,” he said.

He also urged the people of the Free State to support ACM because he thinks he has a good plan to improve their lives. He claimed the ANC-led government had destroyed their lives.

Ramaphosa’s spokesperson Vincent Mangwenya declined to comment.

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