Limpho Hani threatens to sue 702 for interviewing Chris Hani’s ‘daughter’

The scorned widow of Chris Hani, Limpho, has threatened to sue Radio 702 if it doesn’t rectify the distortions and/or untruths in the interview with Nosipho Khumalo that she was, among others, the daughter of the slain struggle hero.

“Further, Radio 702 must remove and/or cause to be removed the electronic version from all its platforms and/or those of its agents,” Limpho wrote to the commercial radio station through lawyers Morathi and Mataka Attorneys.

Advocate Raphepheng Mataka warned that failure to adhere to the demand will leave Limpho with no option but to consider legal action, and that Radio 702 will “wholly” bear the costs.

In the letter of demand sent to the station, Mataka said on January 13, the station’s weekend breakfast host, Gugs Mhlungu, interviewed “a person claiming to be ‘Nosipho Hani-Khumalo’”.

Mataka said Mhlungu represented Radio 702 “in perpetrating and/or abetting the fraudulent activities of the said ‘Nosipho Hani-Khumalo’ even when the station was made aware, or reasonably expected to be aware already on or about April 12, 2020, that the said person was not a member of the Hani family”.

Mataka said the station promotes criminals and/or criminality by presenting platforms to known fraudsters and has little regard for law-abiding citizens, including Limpho. He further said Limpho believed that Radio 702, “given its claim to be a credible news platform, is simply in cahoots with criminals”.

He said Limpho challenged Radio 702 to obtain the official identification of the said “Nosipho Hani-Khumalo”, which will prove that she is simply Nosipho Khumalo and has nothing to do with the Hani family.

And while Limpho roasted Radio 702, Siko Hani issued a statement on Thursday as head of the Hani family and founder of the Hani Family Trust in which he defended Nosipho, saying she was “a granddaughter of our fathers”.

Siko also said “Cleopatra Tunyiswa was introduced to our family and accepted ceremonially by our grandparents and parents as a child of Chris Hani, and that Vanessa Madonsela was his second born”.

“It is, therefore the natural right of any of the aforementioned to use their ancestral last name, Hani, as part of their identity but as a family we do not encourage that our last name be used by any of us – for career political ends – other than for the development of our people,” Siko said.

The Radio 702 letter of demand came after Limpho on Tuesday fired a broadside at former president Jacob Zuma’s MK Party, warning it to stay far away from her late husband’s grave and legacy.

On Wednesday, Zuma and the MK Party were due to visit the former SACP leader’s grave site.

Unlike Limpho, Siko said this week the family would welcome “all progressive black formations” wishing to visit Hani’s homestead.

On Wednesday Tunyiswa hit back at Limpho, saying the country was in danger and there was no time to bicker about long-standing identity issues.

She said she was tired of the squabble between her and Limpho, and if she did not want to accept her as part of her family, she was content. She said her main concern was for her family, who lived in dilapidated conditions.

“I don’t know how many years have passed since my father died. I’m tired of fighting for my identity, which nobody can ever change,” she said.

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