MK reaches agreement with EFF, NFP to govern KZN, wary of IFP

The Umkhonto WeSiwezwe Party (MK Party) has reached an agreement with the NFP to govern together in KZN with the help of EFF.

This has emerged following a meeting between MK party leader Jacob Zuma and NFP counterpart Ivan Barnes on Wednesday.

According to insiders from both sides, the two party leaders agreed that the NFP would back MK Party, which got the most votes in the province but fell short of outright majority.

They were also banking on the EFF, which has publicly come out saying it will work with MK Party in the province.

The three parties will make up to 40 seats

The three parties would make up 40 seats of the 80-seat provincial legislature.

“The deal is done between MK, EFF and NFP. And we know we will get a few members from the ANC and IFP ranks who will vote with us. So there is no crisis,” said an informant intricately involved in the horse-trading negotiations in the province.

The deal comes amid fears that the ANC, IFP and DA, which together amount to 40 seats, have reached a backdoor deal to govern KZN without MK and the EFF.

MK snubbed IFP’s “ridiculous” demands

“In our meeting with the IFP, they came with ridiculous demands of wanting 60% of the provincial government if they partner with MK. It would emerge later that they were doing this because they already have the deal with the ANC. This involved making their president the country’s second deputy president,” said a source close to the developments.

Another mole said there was growing suspicion about the first sitting of the KZN legislature. This sitting  organised on the same day as the national assembly sitting had underhanded dealings at the core.

“Obviously, the MK will not be able to watch the KZN situation and national assembly at the same time. This has the hallmarks of political manoeuvring by certain elements of the liberation movement. [They] want the ANC-DA marriage by hook or crook,” said the source.

This is a developing story.

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