‘Parties won’t be allowed to implement own policies in GNU’

Minister in the Presidency Khumbudzo Ntshavheni has emphasised that individual political parties in the government of national unity (GNU) would not implement their strategies.

Ntshaveni was making her first address on the GNU under the seventh administration at the Imbizo Centre in parliament, Cape Town.

The address followed the swearing-in ceremony of ministers on Wednesday.

She said the newly sworn-in ministers should not assume that they would run their portfolios in accordance with the policies of their political parties, as this would lead to havoc in government.

Lekgotla to discuss policies

Ntshaveni said all 11 political parties that have signed the statement of intent to form part of government would meet for a lekgotla on July 12 to discuss policies that need to be implemented.

While policies brought forth would be considered, she said it would be impossible to have them all implemented.

This means that the goals of the National Development Plan (NDP) would be used to filter out the most important policies for the betterment of South Africa.

The government’s programme of action would be used to guide what needs to be prioritised.

“So, if it does not help us achieve the goals of the National Development Plan, it cannot be part of the competing priorities,” said Ntshavheni.

“The seventh administration is the one that is going to be responsible as to whether South Africa reaches Vision 2030 of a better South Africa and prosperity for all.”

Poverty eradication

Vision 30 is aligned to the NDP, which aims to do away with poverty and fight inequality. Citizens are expected to unite in building an inclusive economy.

It was for this reason that Ntshavheni highlighted the need for the GNU to be successful in the coming years because the vision is highly dependent on all parties working together to make it come true.

The next administration would not have enough time to ensure that the vision is met, as they would only have one year to ensure its success.

Ntshavheni added that even the ANC could not enforce its own policies; otherwise, the GNU would not function as a collective.

“Of course, parties will require their members to brief them on what is happening,” she said.

“That has nothing to do with us as government; that is a party political matter. The parties to the GNU will have to go and find themselves.”

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