‘We’ll continue empowering SA through cadre deployment’

Gwede Mantashe, the current Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, has defended the ANC’s cadre deployment policy, claiming that it has transformed management in South Africa.

Mantashe was speaking on Tuesday during the parliamentary debate of the State of the Nation Address.

His assertion regarding the policy comes after the Constitutional Court rejected the ruling party’s most recent attempt to hide cadre deployment records dating back to 2013 that the DA had requested.

The records that are being sought consist of a wide range of documents, such as e-mails, CVs, WhatsApp chats, minutes from committee meetings for cadre deployment, and more.

Policy is fostering corruption

DA MP Leon Schreiber led the charge on this matter; he initiated the legal action after his application under the 2021 Promotion of Access to Information Act for the cadre deployment records was denied.

Schreiber argued that the cadre deployment policy played a significant role in fostering corruption and state capture, making transparency in this matter of paramount importance to the public.

The Zondo commission previously found that cadre deployment is unlawful and unconstitutional.

Earlier rulings by the high court in Gauteng and the Supreme Court of Appeal upheld the DA’s contention that transparency regarding the ANC’s cadre deployment committee’s influence on public sector appointments was essential.

ConCourt ruling

On Monday, the Constitutional Court, while excusing procedural irregularities, refused to grant permission to appeal, stating that it was not in the interest of justice.

The ANC was given five working days to hand over the records. However, Mantashe contends that there is nothing wrong with the policy.

He said the policy serves to undo the apartheid system, highlighting that during the oppressive era, every director-general, judge, and mayor, among other professions, were all males.

“We are going to undo the apartheid system,” Mantashe stated.

“The reality of the matter is that we will do it. You will get your report, but we will continue to do it.”

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