‘Zuma must avoid heart attack, ANC cannot be saved’: Malema

Former ANC president Jacob Zuma would have had his vote useful had he elected to vote for the EFF instead of trying to save the ANC.

This is the view of EFF leader and Zuma’s ally Julius Malema, who wished the Nkandla pensioner well in his mission to save the ANC via the newly formed Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) political party.  

Too late to try and save the ANC

However, said Malema, the bad news he had for Zuma was that what he was trying to do was most likely not going to happen. He said the ANC was too far gone to be saved.

Malema was reacting to Zuma’s announcement that he will vote for the MK Party in the upcoming national and provincial elections. This while he remains a member of the ANC that he wants to “rescue from Ramaphosa”.

According to Malema, Zuma was just being a typical ANC veteran, who are known for their blind loyalty to the party.

“President Zuma has got a right to vote for any party he wishes to vote for, and we cannot interfere with his right. He decided to go and vote for a non-existing thing (MK).

In denial about ANC demise

“President Zuma is in denial that the ANC is dead. He says he can rescue it this way. He will just kill himself with a heart attack because no one can rescue the ANC, including president Mandela.

“They are at the point where the ANC cannot be rescued by anyone. There is nothing that is going to come out of his mission to save the ANC through MK.”

Malema also cautioned EFF members who are tempted to join the social media propaganda frenzy that has defined the MK party. He said this has been the case ever since MK’s revelation on December 16

Some EFF members have also confused Malema’s close relations with Zuma to mean they can promote the new party.

EFF members cautioned against MK and other parties

However, Malema issued the stern warning. Promoting the MK party while an EFF member is an automatic expulsion as stated in the party’s constitution.

Said Malema: “We have nothing to do with MK. We do not expect anyone of the EFF to take part in activities of the MK.

“We are not going to do that thing that the ANC is doing with President Zuma, who is saying he remains ANC. But he is going to vote MK. Try that here, it is not going to happen.

“We wish President Zuma well and wish something will come out of his MK mission. But my experience is that it is not an easy thing to start a new political party. I will never do it again,” he said.

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