Exclusive: Setsetse fled to Dubai after gang leader threatened his life

DJ Sumbody’s business partner Kagiso Setsetse has shared his reason for skipping the country and relocating to Dubai with his family.

Setsetse this week told Sunday World he travelled to Dubai with his family on April 9 and intended to return to South Africa on April 20 this year. However, Setsetse, his wife and three boys chose not to return after receiving death threats from an alleged Cape Town gang leader on April 10.

“I did not take it lightly as I have heard horrifying stories about him, some of which he told me himself. Losing my business partner in that dreadful manner created a lot of trauma and anxiety for my family and I.

“It is no secret that businessmen are not safe in our country, from being kidnapped to being brutally killed,” he said.

Setsetse said he was introduced to the gang leader back in 2019 by DJ Sumbody as someone that would run their security when they opened Ayepyep branch in Cape Town. He said when he met the gang leader, he portrayed himself as a good family man that would ensure that their business was not attacked by gangsters. For that, the gang leader wanted a protection fee from them.

“The gang leader said that we were not going to open the outlet unless he was there. He later brought a security company that provided security services for the business. He later insisted his wife should help to run the business because we lived in Gauteng,” he said.

He said the two paid the gang leader’s wife and the security company close to half a million rands a month. After working with the wife, he then allegedly started to threaten them by forcing his way into the business and later demanded they give him shares but they refused.

“A week later we believe he sent people to try and disturb the operations of the business as a threat, and due to these threats, we realised there was nothing we could do. We asked him to pay for the shares and he refused. He instructed us that we should issue his mother-in-law with a share certificate.

“We issued the share certificate but decided against it before we could sign or register it at the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission.”

Setseste said over the months the gang leader would move from being pleasant to being threatening and insulting. At times, the gang leader would portray an image of them as a team and would take photos with them and out of nowhere would antagonise them by sending them pictures of people being murdered.

“Early in April, the gang leader threatened me and tried to shut down Ayepyep Cape Town by sending his alleged gangster employee to threaten us.

“The gang leader’s wife instructed his right-hand man to remove all the bank speed points from Ayepyep Cape Town and replaced them with her cousin’s business speed points where all the funds where transferred to her cousin’s account.”

Setsetse rushed to the Western Cape High Court to obtain a court order, which enjoined the gang leader and other respondents to return the 14-speed points. The order also forced the gang leader’s associate to transfer funds back into the account of the nightclub.

The gang leader’s wife was also ordered to provide a complete reconciliation of all monies received and expended during April 2023 with all proof of payment and related source documents.

The gang leader’s wife’s suspension as the general manager of the establishment was, however, lifted and the court ordered that she fulfil her management functions.

Setsetse said when he told the gang leader that he would be going to the media about this matter, he told him to go ahead, saying he was not worried “because he owns the Hawks and police” and there’s nothing they can do to him.

“He said the entire country is scared of him. He also said if I reported the matter to the Hawks his contacts would inform him and immediately throw away the case.”

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