Jordaan weighs in on leaked letter to media

Letter is the act of critics who failed to speak out internally

Under siege SA Football Association (Safa) president Danny Jordaan has hit back at his detractors, saying allegations against him were being made because his critics had failed to raise their discontent with his leadership while inside the national football controlling body.

Speaking during a TV interview yesterday, Jordaan said the nasty spat between him and former CEO Gay Mokoena was triggered by a letter leaked to the media last month, in which allegations were made that he was running the soccer organisation like his fiefdom.

Jordaan’s reaction comes after the Safa national executive committee (NEC) expressed its continued support and confidence in him as the president of the association.

During the interview, the Safa head honcho insinuated that Mokoena was responsible for the leaking of an explosive letter to the media before it had even landed on his desk. “We have the national executive committee or the congress [of Safa] where these matters can be raised.

They can go to congress and submit the report and, when they do so, they get huge praise [pertaining their work]. When they are no longer with Safa they sing a different tune,” he said. Mokoena declined to comment yesterday on the latest development between him and the Safa hierarchy.

“Unfortunately, I am unable talk to you about Safa matters”, he said.

“Only the president and the CEO are in a position to speak about Safa matters. I am out at the moment.”

In rallying around Jordaan, the Safa executive committee members indicated their disappointment with Mokoena after he alleged that Jordaan was running the financially struggling soccer body like his own business.

Mokoena alleges that Jordaan was flouting corporate governance principles and was violating Safa statutes‚ among a host of other allegations contained in the leaked letter. Mokoena was acting CEO of Safa from November 1 last year until the end of last month.

“We want to reiterate that a detailed response will arise out of a discussion at a national executive committee meeting first,” said Safa in a statement.

The statement continues, detailing that Safa’s normal process and protocol was to submit reports and documents to the NEC, through the organisation’s sub-committees‚ administration and or through the president.

“That was not the case in this instant as the report was submitted directly to NEC members by Mr Mokoena. The former acting CEO has not‚ in the four months he held the position‚ in his tenure as the NEC member‚ chair of finance committee and the time he has been the vice-president‚ raised the issues on his ‘report’ nor has he submitted a single statement‚ grievance‚ terms of engagement or his contract to NEC members.

“Mr Mokoena was appointed to stabilise the operations of the association‚ enable the NEC to complete the process of appointing a new CEO‚ and to ensure the resolutions of the NEC are implemented.” 


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