Cracking encounters light up the 2024 TNL tournament

The 2024 Telkom Netball League (TNL) is living up to expectations, as days four and five of the tournament showcased some epic games.

The tournament also highlighted various critical preparation aspects and performance elements.

What was dubbed the most electric match of the day between the Crinums and the Fireballs saw a battle of different game plans and experiences on court.

Match-to-match analysis

The starting line-up for the Fireballs seemed to be looking for defensive height, with Tinita van Dyk in the circle to assist with rebounds, countering Karla Pretorius’ height.

Refiloe Ntseka did very well with ball placement and feeding into the circle, but it appeared at times that the Fireballs connections were lost at centre court.

In the match between the Stings and the Jaguars, the tenacity of the Stings was shown, as they did not let go that easily.

The Jaguars won the match 53-48.

Pretorius and Kamogelo Maseko witnessed how experience was crucial in a recap and overview of day four.

Pretorius showed her strengths at ball interception and was able to turn unexpected balls around, while Maseko showcased her talent at commanding the space.

Pretorius showered with praise

After the match, former Spar Proteas assistant coach Dumisani Chauke heaped praise on how Pretorius displayed her experience.

“Karla is highly experienced at reading body language. She steals the ball out of nowhere. Youngsters can learn a lot by studying Karla’s body movement,” said Chauke.

Day five of the highly intense TNL saw the Northern Cape Diamonds record their first win of the season in a tightly contested match against the Lillies.

Both teams were pitted against each other equally, half for half, as they showed the utmost determination to win the match. 

The Lillies won the first and second quarters, but only for the Diamonds to come back stronger after halftime and claim a 47-38 victory.

The match between the Crinums and the Flames, the last showcasing of day five, ended with the Crinums walking away with a 48-33 victory.

Full Results:

Tornadoes 40–42 EC Comets

Diamond 47–38 Lilies

Sonoblomo 52–43 KD Queens

Baobabs 31–70 Fireballs

KD Stars 42–33 Sunbirds

Flames 33–48 Crinums

Wednesday (May 1) Fixtures:

Sonoblomo vs KD Stars (08:00)

Diamonds vs Tornados (10:00)

KD Queens vs Tshukudu (12:00)

Baobabs vs Flames (14:00)

Lillies vs Comets (16:00)

Aloes vs Stings (18:00)

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