Lerato Moloi refuses to be silenced

Model Lerato Moloi has refused to back down in her pursuit to seek justice over an alleged rape she suffered at the hands of a prominent comedian.

In a statement released on social media last night Moloi said she would continue seeking making her voice heard.

Moloi, who had refused to take down tweets accusing Mongezi “TollAssMo” Mahlangu of the crime, was slapped with an arrest last month.

“In the past two month’s I have been served with letters from his attorneys to remove my tweets. A protection order was then applied for against me along with an interim order demanding that I delete my tweets and effectively attempting to silence me just after I found my voice to speak about my experiences. This culminated in an arrest warrant being issued against me and my subsequent imprisonment,” said her statement.

She added that for many years, she has been battling to find the courage and support to speak up against a number of acts of violence which have happened to her.

“I too, have finally found the strength and courage to speak out and seek justice.
In 2014, I was sexually assaulted and raped by Mongezi “TollAssMo” Mahlangu while working on a television production in Paarl, Western Cape. For numerous reasons, I did not open a case at the time and only shared this experience with one of the other participants on the show.

The trauma, guilt and shame of the assault has left me with immeasurable emotional scars for the past six years. In seeking to fully heal and move forward from these traumas, I shared a bit of my violent experiences on social media in June 2020.

As a result, my coming out and finding my voice has been met with attempts to silence me.
It is shocking that the same legal system meant to protect victims is being used and manipulated to further oppress and silence victims, especially victims of GBV.

A lot of times we wonder why victims of GBV take a long time to speak up against how they have been violated and stripped off the rights to their bodies. I can say that with my own lived experience, there are many factors which keep us silent. I have been discouraged by close people and management against speaking my truth because it was said this would be too uncomfortable for too many.

I was told that coming out with the truth would affect not only my rapist’s life, but also the health of his, at some point, pregnant wife. I have been intimidated against coming out. I have been shamed for putting myself in that position.

Even after leaving the holding cell after having spent a winter’s night in the cold cell, it took me almost two weeks to eventually have my statement taken and my rape case opened against my rapist,” she said.

She added that she will not be silenced anymore.

“For those who have been asking how they may assist financially, I am making final arrangements with my Attorneys to assist me setting up an ideal vehicle to receive your contributions to cover legal costs and also assist those who are in a position similar to mine. I appreciate all the outpouring of support since the story broke it into the news. Your support is not only for me, but the many other silenced survivors who await their day to find their voice to seek justice. The days of silence are over.”


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