Embracing cultural diversity preserves good relations

Johannesburg – The National Lotteries Commission (NLC) has undertaken to push for an environment where its staff embrace different cultural beliefs.

Based on the objective to bring the best out of its employees, the NLC’s interest and focus is to build a strong bond among its employees, which is aligned to organisational structure and policies.

Pro Ethics founding director Dr Janette Minnaar pointed out that the right to dignity emanates from the constitution.

“The NLC has taken into consideration that the right to dignity should be incorporated in the organisational policies and that these rights be protected for the benefit of the employees,” said Minnaar.

“Employers may not have the rules that contradict what the constitution states, hence the NLC is at the forefront of making sure that its employees understand what is required from them to work freely and happy.”

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NLC Head of Ethics Office Tlhalefang Rapoo said the approach taken by the organisation was to make sure that policies are drawn from the constitution.

“Our intention is to create an awareness in terms of compliance. Essentially, we are saying that we discuss this with our employees in order to know how they should conduct themselves,” said Rapoo.

NLC Head of Ethics Office Tlhalefang Rapoo.

“This is also about issues of compliance within the organisation.

We have put in place a process to ensure that our employees understand our policies, and we have different platforms to train staff , and also conduct advocacy sessions.”

Acting Head of Human Capital Management Shalom Pila said that diversity inclusion gives the staff functional policies to understand its mandate.

He said: “As the NLC, we see diversity as an act of inviting our employees to participate equally through our work environment without being afraid of being discriminated or victimized.

“When it comes to fairness and equality, the NLC has fully empowered leaders who understand and guided by the principles of our policies to make sure that our workforce understands diversity programmes, as well as to bring their best in celebrating different cultural beliefs.”

Pila added that the NLC has set the bar high in relation to respecting organisational values, and that it is the best employer on the continent.

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