Start the festive season with Starbucks

Johannesburg – Starbucks Southern Africa is adding a splash of colour and festive goodwill to its ‘Carry the Merry’ campaign, where green cups turn red and acts of kindness are the order of the day.

Every year Starbucks adds its own special touches of brightness to the festive season, with memorable moments, events, products, tastes and holiday beverages.

This year, to add joy to a year that has been filled with adversity and in celebration of World Kindness Day on 13 November, Starbucks Southern Africa is introducing ‘Carry the Merry’, with Starbucks green cups that turn bright red when filled with a hot drink, and an invitation to share acts of kindness.

Adrian Maizey, owner and CEO of Rand Capital Coffee, the licensee of Starbucks in Southern Africa, says, “To inspire festive goodwill, Starbucks will add its own acts of kindness by randomly delighting customers with gifts on us in exchange for performing acts of kindness. We have no doubt that the strong South African spirit of caring will multiply the acts of kindness in no time at all.”

Starbucks is also connecting with influencers in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban, who will join the ‘Carry the Merry’ campaign and spread acts of kindness along with Starbucks gifts across South Africa.

“The festive season is always celebrated with great enthusiasm at Starbucks because it represents the heart of what we do – we provide a sense of community through many moments of connection over their favourite beverage,” adds Maizey.

“We want people to experience the spirit of the season with Starbucks this year, and to ‘Carry the Merry’ with them at all times.”

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