US rapper Doja Cat’s mom obtains restraining order against son

American rapper Doja Cat’s mother Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer, has reportedly filed a temporary restraining order against her son.

Abusive family member

Sawyer claims that the singer, real name Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, is being physically and verbally abused by her older brother Raman Dalithando Dlamini.

According to reports, legal documents that were submitted by Doja Cat’s mother reveal that the singer needs protection from Raman. Sawyer claims that Raman knocked Doja Cat’s teeth out.

Not the first restraining order 

She further reveals that Raman gave Doja cuts and bruises, and destroyed and stole some of her property. According to Sawyer, she has had a restraining order against her son in the past, but it has since expired.

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