The British Council: Calling all South African creatives

Johannesburg – The British Council, in collaboration with Microsoft, has launched a new programme to help young South African entrepreneurs in the creative economy sector shape the future of the continent.

Aspiring and early-stage young South African entrepreneurs in creative industries like fashion, music, film and photography are being offered the chance to join a new e-learning programme launched by the British Council.

The Creative Economy E-Learning programme delivers a collection of free courses for the next generation of African leaders to support them through their business journey.

It is part of a wider creative economy project being made available by the British Council, the United Kingdom’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities, to create stronger partnerships between countries in sub-Saharan Africa and help develop an ecosystem in which young entrepreneurs can thrive.

Boosting potential

The creative economy has the potential to provide livelihoods for a new generation of African entrepreneurs, whether building on cultural traditions or pursuing new ideas. Entrepreneurship, currently booming in Africa, is likely to break new grounds with more entrepreneurial youth stepping up to shape the future of the continent. This programme will provide many African’s with the skills and training to develop their ideas into workable businesses.

Starter pack for successful entrepreneurs

The programme features three modules to help entrepreneurs with every aspect of their entrepreneurial ventures.

The first module, Creative Entrepreneurship, features introductory courses for both aspiring and intermediary entrepreneurs which will teach them about growth strategies for creative enterprises and finance management.

The second module Social Impact through Creative Entrepreneurship provides an understanding of impact entrepreneurship, social innovation and the tools for pivoting enterprises to achieve social impact.

The last module, Creative Economy Policy, covers relevant policy concepts. This programme gives participants access to sustained support which includes mentoring, coaching, incubation and acceleration.

After completing the programme, participants will receive a certificate to evidence their achievement.

Hilton Theunissen, an entrepreneur and co-founder of Growthwheel International, said: “As you journey through the growth of your business, you will know that businesses around the world grow faster when they are connected with a business advisor, a group of mentors, life coach and legal advisor, be it you know one of the tech start-ups or etcetera, then an accounting firm, and do get an ambassador for your product you know”.

Moses Anibaba OBE, Regional Director Sub-Saharan Africa British Council, said: “Collaboration is at the heart of everything the British Council does. It is important for us to partner with successful entrepreneurs and local networks so they can help inspire like minded, young Africans working in the creative economy sector to encourage them to become key players of the economic development of their continent.”

“The British Council understands the importance of helping African youth contribute to the development of the continent and equipping them with the tools they need to boost their businesses” he added. To find out more about this programme, please visit the British Council’s website.

To sign up, please visit: Creative Economy E-Learning Programme | British Council.

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