Siyasanga Qomoyi

Free State Sunday Heroes

Nominee's Province:
Free State


Project Name/Description:
Siyasanga Qomoyi Foundation

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Bloemfontein-based Siyasanga Qomoyi, 35, is a force to be reckoned with in the construction industry through her company Sesi Q PTY LTD. Even as she rises in the corporate world, she can’t help but feel sorry for the vulnerable in society. Six years ago, Qomoyi started her eponymous Siyasanga Qomoyi Foundation. “Our mission is to provide decent shelter and nourishing meals to the elderly and children,” Qomoyi says. Initially, Qomoyi self-funded her initiatives but, when the coronavirus rocked her business last year, she had to ask for donations from friends and allies to keep her foundation going. In April, she partnered with a church in Bloemfontein to donate school shoes and sanitary towels to children in Zastron, a small agricultural town in the Free State. Right now, she’s busy raising funds to build better dwellings for the poor. “I’ve an extremely soft spot for the poor and the unloved, especially children and the elderly. “I always notice the guy sitting in the street; the mom with a baby on her back begging for food; the cold, unclothed child roaming the street; and the makhulu [grandmother] with pain etched on her face. I strongly believe that love heals,” she says.


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