Broody Faith maps out new adventure

Queen Twerk has no regrets about her life

Local twerk master-cum-reality star and rapper Faith Nketsi hopes to one day become a mother. Queen Twerk bagged a gig as Africa’s first female reality star on MTV Africa with her show, Have Faith.

The reality show, which kicked off late last month, has had her trending almost every Monday evening.

The 24-year-old con– rmed that she was looking to se  le down and bear children with bae Thami Yabo.

Speaking to Sunday World this week, Nketsi said: “I will introduce my boyfriend to the world.

“You know that relationships are not easy. We go through ups and downs. I express myself about love. It’s not a love story, it’s reality. We have problems,
we have fairytales where everything is happy. We have plans that either go right or wrong,” she explained.

According to Nketsi, Yabo, who makes a few cameo appearances on the show, is not comfortable about being in the limelight but is willing to support her.

“He is not that comfortable with it because he does not like the limelight, but he does that for me because it’s the career path that I chose,” she said.

Blushing when she explains her love aš air, she expresses her new-found desire to become a mom . “I might be pregnant and I might not be pregnant. You have to watch the show but it’s exciting times. The idea of being pregnant makes me happy… It’s something I want. I want a baby,” she whispered.

“I can’t give [away] too much on this but on the show I am definitely trying for a baby,” she explained.

Nketsi, best known for her curves, caused a stir when her sex tape was leaked to the public in 2016.

Overcoming her Kim Kardashian moment of fame, Nketsi said her life has not been a bed of roses and she’s comfortable talking about her highs and lows.

It was suggested on social media that Queen Twerk was not only a pimp but also the ring leader of a human trafficking syndicate. In the first episode of the show, she talked about the allegations of her being a pimp, which she denied.

“Throughout the show we do go back and forth about it because it’s not something we can just brush off . I talk about how it made me feel.

“It’s upsetting … being accused of doing such things to another woman or any other allegations of, like, sleeping with artists and stuff , but when it comes to something as serious as human trafficking, that is honestly upsetting,” she explained.

Last week, Nketsi released an extended play (EP) album, Disrespectful, which features DJ Maphorisa, her producer and mentor.

“I definitely think with everything that has happened to me, I would never change a thing. There are no regrets.”

By Nokuthula Zwane

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