‘Gospel star Hlengiwe Mhlaba damaged my car, refuses to pay’

Gospel artist Hlengiwe Mhlaba is embroiled in a dispute with a motorist following a road accident in KwaZulu-Natal.

Siyabonga Msomi said the star crashed into the back of his car and is now refusing to repair it.

The accident happened on Tuesday October 31, on the R74 between Estcourt and Mnambithi.

According to Msomi, Hlengiwe was driving at high speed, at some stage even overtook him.

Reckless driving

“I wasn’t happy with the way she was driving, mainly because the weather was bad and that road is always full of trucks.

“So, I decided to drive past her. I then noticed a cow in the middle of the road and  immediately applied the breaks.

“This caused her to crash into my car, causing damage on the back bumper.

“I suspect she did not see the cow because she was following me very close.”

After the accident, Mhlaba came out of her car and allegedly shouted at Msomi.

“I blame her for the accident because she did not keep a safe distance between my car and her car.

Screaming match

“Had she kept the distance, she would’ve seen the cow and avoided the accident. I told her this but she refused to take accountability.

“Instead, she shouted at me and blamed me for stopping for the cow. I expected her to apologise but she refused.

“She made it clear that she will not pay for this damage. A few days later I contacted her with the intention of getting a solution to this problem. I wanted her to fix my car or apologise.

“[Instead,] I received no joy from her. Unfortunately I don’t have car insurance and I am not going to take this any further,” an angry Msomi added.

“I’ll simply fix my car and let her be. I am very hurt because I respected her but she has shown me her true colours.”

Hlengiwe denies allegations

Hlengiwe confirmed the incident to Sunday World, and denied there was any cow on the road.

“Yes, I bumped into his car but it was his fault. I was driving behind him and [he] suddenly stopped for no reason.

“There was no cow in front of him, otherwise I’d have seen it. I never shouted at him.

“I even gave him my personal details for him to claim from his car insurance.

“Otherwise I am not going to apologise because he was at fault.”

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