KFC denies turning heat on workers over R2 donations

Popular fast-food restaurant KFC has denied putting employees in the firing line for failing to ask for R2 donations from customers.

This comes after an anonymous employee shared a warning letter where the employee was warned that they would be fired for continuously failing to ask for R2 donations.

KFC is one of a few restaurants that encourage customers to donate R2 towards its Add Hope Foundation, which supports underprivileged children across the country.

After every purchase at the store, before collecting payment, KFC employees ask customers to add an extra R2 to their bills as donations to the charitable cause.

Warning letter

However, the initiative faced backlash on Wednesday after a warning letter surfaced from an employee who alleged that they were made to sign a warning letter for failing to meet targets. 

In the letter, it appears that the employee only managed to raise R12 in donations while the company made more than R7 500 in sales. 

“This warning should be regarded as very serious, and if you continue this unacceptable conduct, it would lead to more serious action taken against you,” reads the letter.

The supervisor also made note that it is placed on record that the employee understands what they are receiving the warning letter for and that the letter will also be permanently stored in the employee’s records.

It is not yet clear in which store the employee is based or when the written warning was given to staff.

KFC clears the air

After receiving backlash from social media users who pointed out that the restaurant was going against labour laws, the company took to its social media page to clarify.

“Add Hope makes a collective effort to uplift our communities and make a meaningful difference, serving more than 30-million meals to kids in need every year,” KFC said in a statement. 

“While our team members are encouraged to be advocates of Add Hope, we firmly oppose the use of the Add Hope programme as a performance measure.

“Such actions contradict the ethos of Add Hope.”

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  1. If any one working at KFC ask me again if I want to donate R2, I will never go there again. We my an action against KFC for doing this to their workers and customers.

  2. Kfc must exclude their workers from asking customers R2. Sometimes other employees are shy to ask because some customers are root.

  3. They will ask for R2 on the other hand they won’t give you your full change,everytime I would complain cos of 10 cent. My change always short they tell you no we don’t have it’s so annoying.

  4. NO MORE R2 FROM ME. furthermore how do I know it goes where it says it goes. Rather my R2 to begger on street corner. Be damned KFC. ACTION like that against employee, YOU BE DAMNED

  5. It’s disgusting behaviour from KFC, why not just love a containers next to the till where customers are paying, let it be a customers decision if he or she wants to donate the R2.. this is modern slavery, where workers rights are being abused..just imagine 20 years after democracy..KFC should be ashamed

  6. I have stopped drive through because tired of being asked we living on a budget times ate tough. Surely KFC can donate from. It’s profits. Now I use the screens supplied in store for self service

  7. I get annoyed, KFC stop Demanding R2 from customers,
    Stop this ridiculous nonsense,If customers want to give,they will do out of their own will,

    What type of Restaurant is this,

    Beggars your are ,Nonses

  8. Some kfc outlets ask for R2 but serve toxic food, food that is refried and sent as online orders..specifically the Reservoir Hills, Durban kfc..constantly this is happening, even my dog wont eat it.

  9. I do not donate to the restaurant…and at one point even asked the store to show me their records…and I was referred to the website…so when they need R2..I will also refer them to the bank….

  10. This is clear exploitation of employees. And unfair labour practice. Can a legal entity not get involved and sort this out?

  11. This is indeed unfair labour practice, I have spoken to a number of KFC employees and they are terrified of losing their jobs if they do not meet their R2 target for the day.
    KFC stop terrorizing your employees with this unethical practice.

  12. I’m from limpopo rural areas I’ve we have too many families that they can’t afford anything but I never heard of KFC coming on board so I support those boycotting this R2 donations

  13. Why mess up the right course of providing food to the needy by how you demand the donation ? Rather if your obligation is becoming too much for you, protect your employees

  14. I stopped long ago cause sometimes they do not even put everything you’ve ordered, especially when you do not give the R2 requested. Anyway, fried food is not healthy

  15. How much KFC make in profits?
    They can’t afford to support the communities? But they can spend billions on sponsoring rugby?

  16. Why is such a request from employees, let this be part of KFC social labour plan, the meat is too expensive and some pieces dnt match the size. Beside my community where I based, don’t benefit out of this.

  17. You can notice these employees are terrified if you refuse tocdonate, they go as far standing on the order post to persuade you to donate, it proves there’s something behind this request.
    KFC, you donate from yourvprofit cause after all you get the credit not the people.
    So wish people could stop eating this chicken that has GMO, they are poisoning you slowly but sure

  18. I stopped long ago giving R2 to KFC, 2million people hive R2 a day? R4 MILLION IN THEIR BANK, no way , we all struggle and they want to make easy money

  19. If you count all those 10c changes they take from us how much money they make. 20 customers if the 10c is not brought back R2 is already made. This is abuse of employers and customers

  20. KFC should just allow customers to donate on their free will. Failing which they themselves must donate from their o n coffees if they are serious about social responsibility.

    I stopped long time ago to donate because I have never heard they have ever come to my katsi to donate.

    Hands off employee

  21. Once a lady asked me through a drivethrough and i said no thx twice, she still punched it through. Wen i received the slip i see she still punched it thru. I was furious and she looked scared, and gave me the r2 cash. I told her no cancel my order and tell your boss stop bloody harassing us customers. Its all probably a tax rebate scam.

  22. I stopped giving them my R2 long time ago the reason bin when they tyk that money to the needy it goes with the name KFC as if its frm their own sales. At least they should hv saidits frm KFC customers much better

  23. If KFC wants to give back to the community why can’t they use the R2 from their profits? I stopped giving R2 long ago after realizing that they using us. This is explotation of poor employees who do not know their rights.


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